Cressi Mask and Snorkel Set – Metis + Free


The Cressi Metis Free Mask and snorkel set is the perfect choice and all time favourite for every spearfisher and freediver. Blend in effortlessly!

Cressi Mask and Snorkel Set Metis Free

The Cressi Metis / Free Mask and Snorkel Set is the perfect set up for the adventurous spearfisher, freediver, scuba diver or snorkeler.

The Metis / Free Mask and Snorkel Set has a camouflage design that allows you to blend in with the underwater world.

The Metis mask is a free diver and spear fisher favourite, designed with a wide, teardrop-shaped lens and a low-profile frame to provide an unobstructed view and a comfortable fit, thanks to its adjustable, micro-adjusting buckles.

The tempered glass lenses and sturdy back strap make this mask durable and versatile, shatter proof, scratch proof, a forever companion!

The Cressi Free  snorkel is designed to bend if there is pressure against it, but it will return to its original shape once the pressure is removed. This allows you to explore underwater caves and crevices without the snorkel getting caught on the ledges and pulling your mask off your face. The flexible nature of the snorkel makes it the perfect tool for exploring these tight spaces.

The mask and snorkel are available in black for a more subtle and stylish appearance.

The Metis Mask and Snorkel Set comes in a convenient carry bag.

Cressi  Mask and Snorkel Set Metis Free Features:

  • Ideal for spearfishing and freediving, but really a great all rounder!
  • Low volume for minimal drag and effortless diving
  • Camouflage pattern for invisibility
  • Anti scratch and shatterproof tempered glass
  • Black soft silicone skirt for enhanced view
  • Adjustable buckles for quick strap adjustment
  • Flexible and hydrodynamic snorkel, ideal for overhead and cave settings
  • Comes in a practical carry bag for travelling
  • Camo pattern for lots of style!


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