Water Sports Wear

Shop everything you need to wear for sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, scuba diving, snorkelling or any water sports you can imagine.

We carry a large range of water sports tops and pants, from windproof tops, Sharkskin rashies and Australias best sand free beach towel to Sharkskin suits, quick dry boardies, Shark skin swim trunks, sleeveless vests, windproof pants, hooded  and windproof jackets to keep you warm while performing your next water sports adventure.  All clothing feature light and breathable materials and designs that will not restrict your movements.

If you are focussing on high performance in water sports, check out our Sharkskin  Performance Wear range  and the Sharkskin R-Series Compression range, featuring water sports tops and pants that have been designed in collaboration with athletes and to give you a competitive edge while reaching for your next performance goal!


Sharkskin Australia is our expert brand for water sports wear.

Sharkskin have perfected their clothing ranges with  unique layer technology and fabric features.

The Sharkskin Chillproof range and the new  Sharkskin T2 Chillproof range (Titanium Chillproof 2) provide you with water sports garments that keep you warm when you are cold, and keep you cold when you are warm! Add in FIR technology features of the T2 Chillproof Range, and enjoy benefits of faster recovery.

Competing athletes were consulted in the making of the  Sharkskin  Performance Wear collection, which combines Sharkskin fabrics in its various styles. The garments are intended to give the wearer optimal performance and comfort, depending on the activity – Chillproof for warmth, compression for flexibility, and 4-Way stretch neoprene for comfort and protection from friction.

The Sharkskin R-Series Compression range garments are made of a single-layer, lightweight and breathable fabric with Titanium Far-Infrared (TiFIR) technology. The range is designed for water sports, making it highly durable and able to withstand extended exposure to UVA rays and multiple uses in both fresh and saltwater.