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Spearfishing Safety 101

Spearfishing can be categorised as a pretty extreme sport. It’s easily up there as one of the most dangerous in water sports. We’re talking about …


In Water Protection

Stingersuits – what are they and do I need one? Stingersuits are known by many names, and are important to wear at the beach and …


Welcome to Oceansports!

Oceansports is a small 100% owned Australian company based in Far North Queensland, and  just inches away from the stunning Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. …


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Why Oceansports?

Oceansports is a 100% Australian-owned company based in Far North Queensland, and just inches away from the stunning Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
We are totally inspired by our unique surroundings being amongst the oldest surviving rainforest in the world and next to one of the seven wonders of the world – The Great Barrier Reef.

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We formed Oceansports with the goal of providing Australia with high quality gear for all of your adventures, whether it be land or ocean based.

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