Sharkskin is an Australian Company based in Beresfield NSW (Australia).

A team of 35 committed and enthusiastic workers design, manufacture, pack and ship all Sharkskin garments in its “Technical Watersports Protection’ range at Sharkskin’s local, purpose-built factory.

Branded bags, gloves, and caps are designed in Australia, and manufactured offshore.

Sharkskin is an accredited Australian Made business committed to outstanding quality and workmanship.

Starting out with a core selection of products focussing on keeping divers warm Sharkskin soon expanded into all water sports categories, providing customers with a technically superior garments designed to become an indispensable part of any enjoyable active water sports experience or activity, be it kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, diving or simply playing in the sun!

Sharkskin garments come in five ranges:

CHILLPROOF: The Chillproof range features a 3-layer composite material that will keep you warm and provides effective protection form windchill. Garments are equivalent to a 3mm neoprene wetsuit, but highly breathable out of water.

T2 CHILLPROOF: This range is a step up from the Chillproof range, featuring a 3-layer composite material with titanium nano-technology permanently embedded to provide extra warmth and provide extra protection from windchill. Garments are equivalent to a 5mm neoprene wetsuit, but highly breathable out of water. Sharkskin’s application of the the titanium nano-technology generates far infrared (FIR) energy to not only boost warmth but also provide health, performance, and recovery benefits. Research suggets Far Infrared can be effective for improving blood circulation, easing pain, and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Check it out here

RAPID DRY: This awesome material is a must for every beach bum!  The single layer water repellent material insulates better than lycra or spandex, it is 100% chlorine resistant and features UPF50+ for ultimate sun protection.

PERFORMANCE WEAR: This high-performance apparel range combines all of the Sharkskin material technologies available in their designs to allow for the best comfort and best breathability with a firm focus on performance.

R-SERIES COMPRESSION: The hi-tech compression material is enhanced with the liquid titanium technology to provide extra warmth and an extra boost in recovery.

The Sharkskin ranges are available for distribution in most of the major markets around the world.

All Sharkskin garments come with a 2-year guarantee on workmanship.

Proudly Australian Made.