At Oceansports we stock a large selection of dive gloves,  suitable for spear fishers, scuba divers, free divers and snorkellers.

Depending on the intended use of the dive gloves, choose from different material technology like Ultraspan neoprene, Cressi’s PowerTex  (that offers protection similar to  Kevlar), ultra-light Dyneema (High Performance Poly Ethylene) or Sharkskin’s Chillproof materials.

Choose diving gloves from 2mm, 2.5mm to 5mm thickness, depending on the use in cold waters, temperate waters or warmer waters.

All diving gloves offer superior dexterity and flexibility while maintaining maximum protection warmth and comfort.

Why should I wear diving gloves?

Diving Gloves can act as a barrier to guard your hands from tough and coarse surfaces such as rocks, wrecks and reefs. Additionally, they can provide thermal protection when you dive, keeping your hands warm and avoiding numbing, which can make it hard for you to use your equipment properly.

Many reef and dive operators argue that scuba divers should not wear gloves as not to entice them to touch the reef and damage it.

However,  scuba diving gloves should be regarded as personal protective equipment. Accidentally touching coral, on the reef or on an ascent or descent line, or having to hang onto the reef for dear life  in dangerous current may happen to any scuba diver. It can inflict dangerous, highly infectious stings and lacerations. Deadly jellyfish may be touched accidentally, and many more dangerous marine animals might come across even when your are just swimming along.

Quality dive gloves protect hands from ripping on rocks, sharp edges and allow you to grip in rough conditions where your hands may otherwise slip.

Dive gloves are ideal to keep your hands safe and warm!

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