Sunblock Rashies and Stinger suits

Rashies, Rashguards or rash vests, stinger suits, rash pants, full body suits, sunscreen, sun cream and sun block, we have it all! Protect yourself against the sun and marine stingers!

Protecting yourself from the harsh sun is an essential for every beach and water sports enthusiast. At minimum you should have a short sleeve rashie or a long sleeve rashie! For full body sun protection add a pair of rash pants or try a full body rash suit. We offer a large selection of long sleeve or short sleeve rash guard, rash vests, with our without hood, full body rash guard and rash pants.

Investing in a rash guard does not only protect you from the sun. If you frequently swim in the ocean, rash guards, particularly when combined with lycra pants or worn as a full body stinger suit (for example a lycra suit) are essential for protection from dangerous marine stingers and jelly fish. Best Stinger suits are made from lycra and have a light feel, like a pair of swimmers. For best protection when snorkelling, we recommend to add a lycra hood, so you don’t accidentally swim into jelly fish lingering on the water surface.

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