At Oceansports we stock a range of BCDs for scuba diving for all uses and requirements, no matter whether you are a dive professional, a beginner scuba diver or a hobby recreational scuba diver.

Depending on your needs, here you’ll find light travel BCDs, BCDs for professional divers and BCD for beginner divers, BCDs  designed specifically for female anatomy, wing BCDs and traditional BCDs, and more  robust BCDs for dive centres for use in SSI or PADI Dive training.




Every scuba diver needs a BCD, also known an Buoyancy Control Device or Buoyancy Compensator Device. By inflating or deflating the air bladder inside your BCD, you control you buoyancy in the water.

To make sure you feel comfortable under water, it is essential you pick the right one for your needs and preferences.

All BCDs feature adjustable straps and clips to make sure it sits snug and comfortable, they come in different designs and sizes, depending on their use.

Every Scuba BCD needs to be looked after if it is to last.

If you are scuba diving in salt water, make sure you always rinse and blow your BCD out after use and  make sure it is dry before you store it.

We recommend to regularly have your BCD checked by a professional diving  equipment service provider, to make sure, your dive BCD is safe and fully functional  on your scuba diving adventures.



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