Whether you are a sport diver, technical diver, freediver, spearo, or a happy holiday snorkeler, the need for a good set of fins is a prerequisite to propelling yourself through the water. Without them we are pretty much immobile, certainly in dive gear.

Fins for Swimming/Snorkeling

Recreational swimmers and snorkelers tend to fall into the “less is more” category when it comes to buying fins. The majority of swimmers and snorkelers don’t need the bells and whistles that many fins offer. Typically, a more basic fin design will meet your needs. The length of fin needed by swimmers and snorkelers is typically shorter than those needed by scuba divers and are definitely shorter than those used by free divers.

Fins for Scuba Diving

Scuba divers tend to desire more fin features than do recreational swimmers and snorkelers. Scuba divers are frequently more aware of the propulsion power offered by their fins. Scuba fins tend to be the same length or slightly longer than snorkeling and swimming fins, which means they require more leg strength and power to kick effectively.

Fins for Freediving and Spearfishing

Free diving is a sport during which a person submerges to significant depths without the aid of an air supply. In order to help the diver to submerge and then surface on whatever air is in his/her lungs, free dive fins are designed to make the most out of each kick. All of the same principles apply to those spearfishing.

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