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Here at Oceansports we stock a large variety of dive boots and dive socks for all uses and requirements. Unless you are using full foot dive fins or heel fins, wearing diving boots and diving socks is essential.

Dive boots and dive socks are suitable for spearfishing, scuba diving and freediving and provide you with cosy warm feet during your dives in cold water.

Sometimes you will need an extra layer of to keep your feet warm, or you simply want to reduce chafing. Dive socks are a great solution for that.

For spear fishers we stock spearfishing boots and socks with special camouflage pattern, so you are invisible from top to toe!

Our diving boots come in different thicknesses and different sole types. Some have a lighter soft sole, and some dive boots feature soles with extra grip. Consider  the type of scuba diving you do and where you enter and exit the water (boat, shore, rough terrain, sand).

When sizing your dive boots, you should consider your shoe size, as dive boots should fit snug like a shoe. If your regular shoe size is not available, then we recommend to just round up and go for slightly larger diving boot (and maybe add a dive sock).

Dive socks come in varied materials and thicknesses too. Dive socks may be lycra socks, neoprene socks or they are made from Sharkskin’s Chillroof technology fabrics.

You can wear dive sock inside your dive boots, for extra warmth or when you are renting dive boots from a dive center. Sometimes you just want to wear socks with your fins, depending on the water temperature.

Dive socks offer great protection from dangerous marine stingers and jelly fish too.

Choose from super thin lycra socks to 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm or Sharkskin Chillproof (approximately 3mm).

How to care for you scuba dive boots and socks so they don’t deteriorate or get smelly:

Make sure you rinse them after every use, so salt and bacteria are eliminated from the fabric. If you use them regularly, just put them out to dry after a soak in fresh water for at least an hour.

If you want to store your dive boots and dive socks for a bit longer, you can use a non-detergent soap or a special wetsuit wash, let them dry (always in the shade) and then put your dive gear away.


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