Sales and income are common metrics used to determine a brand’s strength, although impact or variety are also sometimes used.

Cressi dominates the water sports sector in each of these areas.

With five divisions covering the scuba diving, snorkelling, spearfishing, and swimming markets, it has a strong presence in every major economic region of the world and exports goods to more than 90 nations.

Significantly, Cressi has retained its dedication to the creation and production of its products within the Cressi factory in Italy despite this global expansion.

This reassures customers that Cressi gear is genuine innovation and built to the greatest standards, as opposed to a copy of well-known technology.

Cressi remains synonymous with originality.

Development and support of full product lines across all its markets, and thus facilitating powerful synergies where customers benefit from the power of shared technologies, diverse material sourcing and an excellent support and knowledge base is the power of the Cressi brand.