Spearfishing Bags

Every spear fisher needs a bag to keep the spearfishing gear and, of course, the catch safe!

Here you will find spearfishing catch bags, ab waist bags, spearfishing gun bags, spearfishing fin bags and large spearfishing equipment bags and drybags and backpacks to get you ready for your next cray fishing or spearfishing adventure!

Don’t forget a waterproof phone bag, to keep your phone safe from water in the wet environment. 

Spearfishing inevitably involves different types of gear that needs to be looked after if it is to last. Spear fishing equipment bags are essential for travel, boating and storage before and after your spear fishing trip.

We recommend to have a spearfishing gun bag to keep your delicate spear gun and all spear gun accessories together, but separate from other fishing gear, and have a larger spear fishing equipment bag for the rest of your equipment and catch bags, so you always keep you spearfishing gear in one place.

Make sure you wash you gear with fresh water and dry before you return your gear to the spearfishing equipment bag.


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