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What is the best mask and snorkel set? At Oceansports, we stock the best snorkel and mask sets manufactured by leading quality brands like Cressi and Tusa. To find out which mask and snorkel set is best, you think of your requirements. Are you going to use your mask and snorkel set for scuba diving or snorkelling? Or are you looking for a spearfishing snorkel and mask set with low volume and camouflage?

All our mask and snorkel sets are made from superior PE and soft silicone, and they come with traditional, foldable, semi-dry or dry snorkels, double lens or single lens dive masks, mirrored or non-mirrored lenses.

Any of these features are personal preference and sometimes a matter of price. Luckily, we stock mask and snorkel combos for every budget, and buying one of our mask and snorkel packs is always cheaper than buying the items separately. Check it out!

How to look after your mask and snorkel set

Before you first use your brand new combo, be sure to remove the silicone film inside the dive mask, this will help with fogging up. Use a dedicated mask cleaner, or, as a lot of seasoned divers do, dab a bit of white toothpaste on your finger and rub the inside of the mask gently. Then rinse the mask.

After this first procedure, you can use Anti-fog spray or Antifog-film to make sure your view is always clear on your snorkel and dive adventures.

After every use, thoroughly rinse your mask and snorkel combo with fresh water, let it dry in the shade, and store it in a dry and cool place. Never leave your snorkelling and dive gear in the sun!

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