Here at Oceansports, we stock the best range of superior quality scuba diving masks, spearfishing masks, freediving masks and prescription dive masks on the market.

No matter what your underwater activity is, as a diver you want to have a crystal clear vision of what is going on in the blue to fully enjoy your dive adventure. In fact, a dive mask can make or break your dive experience! A diving mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any diver or snorkeller.

It is crucial that you choose the right mask that feels comfortable and suits your diving or snorkelling activity. The most important aspect of buying as scuba mask, spearfishing mask or freediving mask is the fit to your face. A dive mask that doesn’t fit your facial features will leak and fog up. Check our guide below to learn more.

How to choose a dive mask

There are dive masks for wide faces and narrow faces, some dive masks suit flatter faces better than pointy faces,  and some dive masks particularly suited for people with large noses! Be aware that not every every dive mask fits every face.

Be sure to read our product descriptions to find out whether a particular dive mask is suitable for your face. If you are not sure, please contact us, our expert team will be able to guide you to the right dive mask!

Spearfishing and freediving masks

If you are after a spearfishing mask or freediving mask, you want to look out for a low volume mask. The lower the volume of the mask, the more streamlined you are, and the less resistance and drag you create in the water when diving into the deep.

Freediving and spearfishing mask often feature camouflage patterns, so they become invisible to the fish in the water.

Do you wear glasses or contacts lenses?

Are you short sighted or near sighted? If you don’t want to dive with your contact lenses, we have a large range of prescription masks for you. Choosing your prescription lenses is easy, just choose your regular prescription from the menu selector, as you would when ordering contact lenses or prescription glasses. Prescription dive masks are purposely made to suit to a wide range of faces. If you require two very different prescriptions, we can custom make your prescription lenes for your mask, please contact us for more information.

How to stop your mask from fogging up?

First things first: the  manufacturing process of any new dive mask  includes the application of a protective silicone coating on the interior and exterior of the lenses.

When you buy a new mask you need to remove this film with a mask cleaner or just a simple dab and rub with white toothpaste on the inside of the mask.

Poor initial cleaning of your  diving mask can lead to a build up of face oil, creating an environment inside the mask that leads to fogging.

After you have done your initial clean, a great way of stopping your mask form fogging is using an anti-fog spray or anti-fog films.

Some of our Cressi masks feature fantastic patented Stop Fog systems. How does it work? The diving mask has an embedded silicone compartment which separates the nose from the rest of the mask and helps to prevent moisture escape from the nose from getting into the mask.

It is crucial your mask fits your facial features and there is no facial hair under the silicone seals, to minimise or exclude leakage that will create dampness in dive mask which will lead to fogging.

How to look after your dive mask

As with all dive gear, always rinse your dive mask in fresh water after use, dry it in a cool and shady place. Never leave your mask out in the sun, as the UV rays will deteriorate your silicone and make it brittle.

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