XTar is a manufacturer for  high quality chargers, torches, flashlights, batteries and a range of accessories.

The XTar High Capacity Li-Ion Battery is suitable for use in a wide range of equipment, from Torches/Flashlights to Electronic Cigarettes. The increased capacity of these cells provide longer run times than lower capacity cells which are often included with products.

The XTar MC4s Smart Charger and allows you to charge a wide range of Lithium Ion and NiMH Batteries safely and easily. The combined Charge & Discharge function extends the life of the batteries and can also refresh batteries that have been discharged to 0.0V. Each of the 4 bays in this charger can support a different cell, mix and simultaneously charge AA Nimh Batteries while charging your Li-Ion Batteries.

The 3-Stage Smart Charging for Li-Ion Batteries utilises 3 charging methods – Trickle Charging, Constant Current and Constant Voltage. When the battery voltage is very low, the charger uses Trickle Charging to gently restore the battery to a functional voltage range. Next the charger starts the Constant Current charging. Finally the Charger starts Constant Voltage charging to make sure the battery is fully charged

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