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At Oceansports, we stock the most important mask accessories you’ll need for a crystal clear view under water essential for a calm and relaxed dive or snorkel adventure! Check out  our mask anti-fog sprays, dive mask strap covers and spare scuba diving mask straps.



A must have for every diver and snorkeller is the all important anti-fog spray for goggles and anti-fog lenses to stop your dive mask fogging up. This will add so much more calm and relaxation to your under water adventures. Who wants to struggle with a fogging mask?

Check out our spare dive mask straps and dive mask covers. Having spare mask straps is essential when you are out and about and have no access to a dive shop. A broken mask strap might prevent you from going diving or snorkelling and can ruin your trip.

Dive mask covers, some people call them mask tamers, are a great accessory to enhance a comfortable fit to your dive mask, and of course, you hair doesn’t get caught,  ripped and tangled  by the silicone mask strap. They are made form soft neoprene material and come in funky colours.  And there is another bonus: Having your own mask tamer allows you to quickly identify your own mask, which is great if you are diving or snorkelling on boats with lots of other people.

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