Cressi Fins Gara Modular Impulse Blue Metal


The Cressi Fins Gara Modular Impulse are the ultimate combination of the durability of plastic fins, and the flexibility of carbon fibre fins.  Perfect for deep freedivers and spearfishers of all levels.

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Cressi Fins Gara Modular Impulse Blue Metal

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, Gara Modular Fins are the perfect choice for those who wish to explore the depths with freediving or spearfishing.

This fin has a versatile design that allows divers to quickly switch out or interchange blades to suit their needs. This makes it great for all levels of divers, as they can adjust the blades as their expertise grows.

Cressi has designed their blade to be set at a specific angle of 29 degrees in order to maximize the efficiency of a swimmer’s kick, reducing the amount of energy needed to propel forward.

The blades are designed for durability and almost snap proof in almost every impact situation.

This foot pocket employs cutting-edge construction techniques to offer a snug fit that boosts comfort and allows enhanced energy transmission from the heel and sole.

You can use the Cressi Gara Fins in combination with fin socks or neoprene sock, or without. The wider design of the foot pocket is intended to add a neoprene sock. However, should you want to use the Gara Fins without socks, we recommend a smaller size.

The Cressi Fins Gara Modular Impulse are made in Italy and any component can be ordered separately.

Available in white colour here.

Cressi Fins Gara Modular Impulse Blue Metal Features

  • Highly sought after fin among freedivers and spearfishers
  • Switch and replace blades as per your skill requirements
  • 29 degrees blade angle for most efficient propulsion
  • Designed for longevity
  • Use with or without fin socks
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Order components separately
  • Made in Italy

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