Cressi Mask Duke Full Face Snorkel Mask


Italian engineered and designed the Duke Full Face Snorkel  Mask is the leader of the full face mask market. Built with your safety and comfort in mind, this mask is perfect for a snorkeler that wants an effortless experience.

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The Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkel Mask is an Italian-crafted snorkelling mask built with premium materials for comfort and cutting-edge technology for protection. This is THE anti-fog full face snorkel mask!

The Cressi Duke full-face snorkel mask enables you to explore the underwater realm with the ease of breathing through your nose and mouth for a more natural and enjoyable experience.

The  mask offers a wide field of vision that is larger than other full-face masks available, making it a breeze to explore the underwater world.

The mask is also equipped with an inbuilt dry snorkel system, ensuring that the snorkeler will not accidentally inhale water, and a safety purge valve that allows for quick and easy clearing of the snorkel tube. The breathing tube can be removed with a quick release system, which is great for travelling, storing or cleaning.

With these features, the snorkeler can explore the ocean with peace of mind. Ideal for beginners (even children) or anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with a traditional snorkel mouthpiece in their mouth.

The Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkel Mask has been meticulously manufactured with only the highest of quality materials. The face of the Duke is encased with hypoallergenic silicone that is both soft and comfortable against the skin, while the rear of the head is fitted with adjustable soft cross straps to ensure the security of the mask on the wearer’s head.

With its combination of comfort, quality materials and secure fit, the Duke allows you to relax and enjoy your adventure without worrying about the fit and feel of your mask.

Cressi Duke Mask Features

  • Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Advantage of lateral tube position
  • Two partition and multiple valve concept for no-fog properties
  • Minimal build-up of residual CO2
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirting and seal: no leaking
  • Removable breathing tube
  • Dry top snorkel system
  • 180 degree panoramic views
  • Fits all faces
  • Includes a protective carry bag
  • Ideal for snorkellers
  • One of the best full face snorkel masks in Australia

The Cressi Full Face Snorkel Mask Duke comes in two sizes and fits all faces.

Cressi Full Face Snorkel Mask Size Guide

To get the perfect fit simply measure from the bottom of your chin to the centre of your eyes.

  • Small / Medium 10-12cm
  • Medium / Large 12-14cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Colour and Size

Black/Red M/L, Clear/Aquamarine S/M, Clear/Black M/L, Clear/Blue M/L


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