Tusa Mask Paragon S


The Tusa Mask Paragon S combines all of Tusa’s most advanced professional features for top end divers. A must have full of technology!

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Tusa Mask Paragon S

The  Tusa  mask Paragon S is an exciting, flash looking scuba diving mask, designed as a one window mask, that combines all of Tusa’s most advanced professional features.

The Tusa Mask Paragon S was created with the top end divers in mind.

The Tusa Paragon S provides superior vision and protection with its UV 420, Anti-reflective, CrystalView Optical lens encased in a stylish and sturdy Tri-Mix Frame.

This frame is perfectly complemented by the Freedom Fit II, 100% Pure Silicone Skirt which is designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit.

The lens is designed to reduce glare and to provide the clearest underwater vision possible. The skirt is designed to provide a secure, watertight seal and to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

The Lens is the talking point: The 3 different treatments that is performed to the tempered glass is to insure ultimate safety, clarity and colour under the water.

The Tri-Mix frame is a combination of 3 high quality materials that create an extremely durable but still lightweight frame. It is a combination of polyurethane, metal and polycarbonate.

The pure silicone 3D strap is designed to comfortably adapt to the shape of your head. The buckles are quick-adjust and low profile, this increases the hydrodynamics and can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit.

Tusa Mask Paragon S Key Features

  • UV 420, Anti-Reflective, CrystalView Lens for reduced glare and clearest vision underwater
  • Sturdy Tri-Mix frame design fri light weight and durability
  • Freedom Fit II Technology for optimal adjustment to a variety of face shapes
  • Pure soft 100% Silicone for comfort and seal
  • One Lens Wide Field of View
  • 3D pure silicone strap in the shape of the head’s curvature
  • Quick adjust buckle system with angle strap side adjustor.
  • Fit a variety of face shapes
  • Ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling

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