Ikelite 9251 5/16″ threaded length Control Gland


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Ikelite #9251 Camera Control Gland for 1/4-inch Shafts

Product Number

  • 9251    Gland with 5/16-inch thread
  • 9251.5 Gland with 1/2-inch thread
  • 9253    Gland with 5/8-inch thread
  • 9254    Gland with 1-inch thread
  • 9255    Gland with 2-inch thread

“Quad-Seal” Ikelite camera controls are famous for their dependability. Each gland allows rotation and in-out travel of a 1/4-inch shaft (not included). Threads directly into a 3/8-24 tapped hole, or using a 3/8-inch through hole and 0219.2 nut (not included). Choose length based on thickness of housing, and length and travel of control shaft.

Shaft, knob, and nut not included.

What’s Included

Control gland with o-ring


Nickel plated brass

Accepts 1/4-inch control shaft

Spare Parts

0219.2    Stainless steel hex nut

0100       Gland x-ring for shaft

0102       Gland o-ring outer

Weight 0.0181437 kg
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