AOI ER-OD-OD-52 Extension 52mm for OM-D Port


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AOI ER-OD-OD-52 Extension Ring 52mm OM-D Port to OM-D Housing

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Use a long lens, such as the M.Zuiko ED 12-100mm PRO, on your Olympus OM-D camera in its underwater housing with this 52mm Extension Ring from AOI. The ring fits OM-D mount housings and ports, and is specifically recommended for use with Olympus PT-EP08, PT-EP11, and PT-EP14 housings, and AOI DLP-07 and DLP-08 dome ports.


Model ER-OD_OD-52
Description Extension Ring 52mm OM-D Port to OM-D Mount Housing
Recommended for Camera Housings : Olympus Housing PT-EP08/11/14
Camera Lens : M.Zuiko ED 12-100mm PRO
Lens Port : DLP-07/08
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum
Dimension 118mm (D) X67mm (H)
Weight 236 grams (Without Rear Port Cap)
Accessory PP Rear Port Cap (PRC-01)


Weight 0.5 kg
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