Ikelite 5516.15 DLM 6-inch Dome Port with Zoom


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Ikelite 5516.15 DLM 6-inch Dome Port with Zoom

Product Details

An extended dome port providing zoom function for many zoom lenses when used with the appropriate zoom sleeve.

Ikelite’s 6-inch dome is made from optical grade acrylic for superior image quality which is virtually indistinguishable from photos taken behind a glass dome. The 6-inch dome is far more compact and lightweight for travel as compared to larger, glass domes.

Compatible with housings featuring the DLM port system. View the system port charts for compatibility information.


  • Acetyl body with acrylic dome
  • Weight 426 g ( 15 oz)

In the Box

  • Dome port
  • Dome shade # 5516.05
  • Securing thumbscrews (set of 3) # 9249.6
  • Neoprene cover # 0200.1
  • Silicone lubricant # 5020



Weight 0.426377 kg
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