AOI UMG-01 LCD Underwater Magnifier


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AOI UMG-01 LCD Underwater Magnifier for AOI & Olympus Housings

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The AOI LCD Magnifier is an excellent tool for the underwater photographer who uses Olympus compact camera housings.  It allows the photographer to view the LCD magnified with great detail and without glare created by sunlight and shadows.  It is easily be installed by attaching it to the back of the housing and replacing screen hood that is currently in place.


Model UMG-01
Description LCD Magnifier for Olympus Compact Camera Housings
Magnification 2.3X (underwater)
Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy Barrel
Rubber LCD hood
Waterproof 100 Meters
Dimension 77.5mm (L) X76mm (W) X93mm (H)
Weight 205g (on land)
99g (underwater)
Accessory Security Lanyards, Rubber Eye Piece Cap
Weight 1 kg

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