IKELITE 73702BK Canon 5D MK III IV 5DS(R) Back 15M/50FT


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IKELITE 73702BK Canon 5D MK III, IV & 5DS (R) BACK 15M/50FT

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Lighten your load for pool and surf shooting or diving at shallow-to-moderate depths with Ikelite’s 15m (50ft) Shallow Water Back, which is designed for their Underwater Housing # 71702  for the Canon 5D Mark III / IV, 5DS, or 5DS R DSLR with Dry Lock Port Mount. The back serves as an alternative to the heavier 60m (200ft) one if you’re looking for something with less weight and slightly smaller size, and you aren’t venturing down a great distance below the surface. The backs are interchangeable, and the housing may be purchased with either one. Each back is made of corrosion-resistant Lexan polycarbonate, which is clear to allow you to monitor the O-ring seal and maintain your view of the camera’s rear controls.

The included Super-Eye Viewfinder provides enhanced viewing through a dive mask, and removes easily for the attachment of a Straight (# 6890.2 ) or 45° magnified viewfinder  (# 6891.2).

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