PolarPro GoPro Hero5 Super Suit Filters 3-PACK


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PolarPro Hero5 Super Suit Filters 3-PACK – Saltwater Dive & Snorkel + Freshwater


The PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack for the GoPro Hero5 Super Suit housing provides you with the 3 necessary filters to capture vibrant underwater colours. Simply press on one of the filters and let the proprietary colour formula do all the colour correcting for you, no need to do any post-process editing. The Red filter is perfect for diving in tropical and blue waters from 15 to 75 feet. The Magenta filter can be used to capture stunning underwater colours in green water from 15 to 75 feet. Finally, the Snorkel filter can be used in shallow water from 2 to 20 feet. With the PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack, your underwater filter needs are covered.  Included with each filter set is a case to protect and keep your filters easily accessible. Pick up the Aqua 3-Pack before your next dive and capture vibrant underwater colours.

  • Engineered specifically for the Hero5 Super Suit Housing (Only fits the Super Suit Housing)
  • Includes all filters needed for capturing vibrant underwater colours
  • Set includes: Red, Magenta, and Snorkel filters
  • Proprietary colour formulas guarantee flawless tropical videos
  • Includes custom case to protect and keep your filters ready to use
  • Lifetime warranty
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