AOI AD-M67-04 Double Flip Adapter for M67 Port


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AOI AD-M67-04 Double Flip Adapter for M67 Threaded Port

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Attach two Macro Lenses or Filters to your underwater housing and quickly change them when needed without the hassle of screwing lenses/filters on and off. The adapter is made of hard anodized aluminum and comes with a retainer ring wrench for installation. When you need a specialized lens, simply swing it into place, and swing it back to the side when you’re finished with it.

This adapter only allows use of one lens at any time (ie. macro lenses cannot be stacked with this adapter). Useful for lightweight lenses only, not suitable for Wide Angle Wet Lenses.


Model AD-M67-04
Description M67 Double Flip Adapter for M67 Thread Port
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum Chassis
Dimension 146.2mm (L) X146.2mm (W) X48mm(H)
Weight 352 grams
Accessories Retainer Ring Wrench
Weight 1 kg
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