AOI AD-M67-03 Flip Adapter for M67 Port


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AOI AD-M67-03 Single Flip Adapter for M67 Threaded Port

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The AOI AD-M67-03 is the adapter for M67 Threaded Ports. It is a vital piece of accessory that will allow you to snap on a macro dioptre in front of your port, giving you a quick and easy fix to your macro lens.

The retainer ring wrench is a handy and efficient accessory to tag along with your macro lenses as it will fasten onto most 67mm threaded ports or with most 67mm macro lenses.


Model AD-M67-03
Description M67 Single Flip Adapter for M67 Threaded Ports
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum Bezel
Dimension 145.8mm (L) X90mm (W) X26.8(H)
Weight 170 grams
Accessories Retainer Ring Wrench
Weight 1 kg
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