AOI FCA-01 Fibre Optic Cable Adapter for TG-4/5/6


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AOI FCA-01 Fibre Cable Adapter for Olympus TG-4/5/6

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The AOI FCA-01 Fibre Optical Cable Adapter is a permanent Flash Blocker and Fiber Optic Cable Adapter for Olympus TG-3, TG-4, TG-5 and TG-6 Series Cameras in their Olympus PT-059, PT-058 and PT-056 Housings. The flash of the camera is blocked and the light used to trigger a flash via the fibre optic cable adaptor.

This part helps you feeding in your fibre optic cable from the top rather than the front of your housing, which can become an issue when using housing accessories such as wide angle lenses and adapters .


Description Fiber Optic Cable Adapter for TG-4/5/6
Material Polycarbonate, EPDM
Dimension 44.5mm (L) X35.5mm (W) X9mm (H)
Weight 4 grams
Accessories Dual Hole Fiber Cable Plug (FCP-DH1) x 1pcs,
Single Hole Fiber Cable Plug (FCP-SH1) x 2pcs, Screws x 4pcs



Weight 0.25 kg

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