AOI FOC-PA-BM Fibre Optic Cable 151 Core


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AOI FOC-PA-BM Fibre Optic Cable 151 Core

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AOI Fibre Optic Cable with Sea&Sea Plug Ends. Connects to most strobes. The cable contains 151 individual cores, offering very pure light transmission from camera to strobe. This ensures no information is missed when using sTTL Mode with compatible strobe.


Description Fibre Optic Cable 151-Core with SS Angle Pugs (M Size)
Plugs Material PC / TPE
Dimensions (LL / RL / CL) 200MM / 155MM / 93MM
Diameter Cores / Cable 1.0MM / 2.2MM
Number of turns 42
Coils Diameter 13MM
Weight 9.8 g
Plugs Colour Dark Grey
Weight 0.25 kg

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