7 Awesome Tips and Tricks for a Beginner Snorkeller

Here are our top tips for a beginner snorkeller to feel comfortable and confident in the water.

Trying something new for the first time can be a little stressful.

As a Beginner Snorkeller it is important to test and adjust your gear before you get in

First check whether the mask you have will fit you comfortable. We recommend holding against your face without the strap, and breathing in through your nose to suction the mask onto your face. If you can keep that mask against your face while holding your breath then it will fit you well, if you feel air leaking into your mask it might be worth trying a different style if available.

Once you have your mask, pull the strap over your head and position it just above your ears. you don’t want the mask to sit on your ears or too high on your head. Try to keep the strap horizontal. As a beginner snorkeller you might have to try a few times until you find the ideal position.

Masks come in all shapes and colors, at Oceansports we carry a large mask range for every budget!

Beginner Snorkeller getting ready

You can also put the snorkel in your mouth and practice breathing through it. Don’t bite down too hard on the mouthpiece, it will start hurting after a while, just have your teeth gently resting on the tabs. Try to avoid breathing out through your nose as much as possible, it will fog your mask up. This is a mistake a lot of beginner snorkellers do!

Take some floatation

Pool noodles, life jackets or a designated snorkelling vest can be a great thing for a beginner snorkeller to have in the water while you are getting used to snorkelling, they provide excellent floatation and reassurance to a nervous snorkeller, and you need to adjust anything in the water having something to float with can be really helpful.

Take your time!

Once you are ready to get in make your way to the edge of the boat, or to the waters edge if snorkelling off a beach, and ease yourself into the water, stay close to shore/the boat and take a couple of minutes getting used to being in the water. Lower your face into the water and try to take some deep breaths out of your snorkel. Don’t let other people rush you, go at your own pace so you feel comfortable.

Practice some efficient kicking

Try to use your whole leg while kicking with your fins. As a beginner snorkeller you might have to practice that! If you send too much time bending your knee you will notice you aren’t moving very much but still expending a lot of energy. Another tip is to try and keep your fins under the water.

Splashing your fins on the surface will not only be a loss power it will also potentially scare off and any marine life that you might want to see (like turtles!). There are some people that say splashing on the water imitates a struggling fish and will make sharks curious. So to use fins the most effective, long slow kicks from the hips keeping the fins under the water.

We stock a range of great snorkelling fins, for adults and kids beginner snorkellers alike, have a quick look here!

Keep your head at a 45 degree angle in the water

Try to avoid looking straight down while snorkelling, it can dip the top of your snorkel into the water and fill up your snorkel with water. Keep your head looking slightly up and forwards at the 45 degree angle.

Practice clearing the water from your snorkel

You will get water in your snorkel at some point and learning how to clear it is important. Some snorkels have a purge valve at the bottom that will make it easier to clear. If there is only a little bit of water in the bottom of your snorkel you can take a deep breath through the snorkel, then spit the water out. We recommend saying “Two” as you breath out to build up pressure in the snorkel.

If the snorkel is filled up with too much water to take a breath in you can lift your head out of the water and remove your snorkel from your mouth, you can either empty your snorkel by pouring it out, or take breath, put the snorkel back in and clear it with another big breath out. Some beginner snorkellers even opt for a full face mask, so they don’t have to use a snorkel at all!

No smiling allowed!

If you smile while wearing a mask, then the smile lines that appear under your nose will break the seal of the mask and you might notice water entering the mask. So try to keep your face in a relaxed position. There is a reason scuba divers always look so serious while getting their picture taken!

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