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Weight Belts – 3 Strong Reasons for Choosing a Rubber Weight Belt

Find out why most people struggle with their weight belts under water and what you can do about it! Nylon weight belts are the traditional weight belts belts used for scuba diving and can be used for freediving, but they have a clear disadvantage: You might notice the belt sliding around and throw you off …

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Wetsuit Review No 1- The New Cressi Lampuga for Spearfishing

Cressi’s No 1 for Spearfishing – The Lampuga Wetsuit Have you ever seen a school of Lampuga’s in the water? Yes? Or could it have been your Spearfishing buddy who has discovered the latest BRAND NEW Cryptic Camouflage Technology? Being invisible in water makes or breaks your success as a stealth spearfisher, and the Cressi …

Wetsuit Review No 1- The New Cressi Lampuga for Spearfishing Read More »

How To Prepare Your New Mask!

Congratulations on purchasing a new mask! It’s always an exciting purchase! The new innovations of modern masks are so cool and make for some really beautiful and comfortable experiences in the water! Now just make sure your mask is pre-treated prior to using for the first time. When masks are created they are coated with …

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5 Great Freediving Masks

What makes a good freediving mask?The most important thing to consider when purchasing a freediving mask is the volume of the mask. Finding a good low volume mask means that you will be using less air to equalise your mask as you descend. Other things to consider when buying a freediving mask is comfort and …

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New stock now in store!

We just got a HUGE delivery from our favourite brands FULL of new stock! Cressi and Tusa have bought some amazing new mask designs to the table this year. Check them out here and tell us what you think! Tusa’s Contenders The Zensee and Zensee Pro The Paragon and Paragon S Cressi’s Contenders The Quantum …

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Spearfishing Safety 101

Spearfishing can be categorised as a pretty extreme sport. It’s easily up there as one of the most dangerous in water sports. We’re talking about a hobby that requires extended breath hold at depth, with a firearm in the open ocean, then you throw in potential interactions with a host of marine organisms including sharks …

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In Water Protection

Stingersuits – what are they and do I need one? Stingersuits are known by many names, and are important to wear at the beach and in the ocean around Australia. You may know them as Rashies, Sun Shirts, Lycra, Rash Guards etc. One of the main dangers at the beach in Australia is the sun! …

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