Cressi’s Ultra Stretch Socks are SO worth it.

A sock can enhance any type of diver of snorkelers experience in the water. They add a small layer of protection to your feet to stop your fin from rubbing and can keep your feet warmer too!  It can increase the contact between your foot and fin and it actually increases how much energy is transferred to the fin, increasing the power of your kicks

There has been long standing debate on the best dive sock, and the Cressi Ultra Stretch Sock is definitely an industry favourite. This is because of a couple of reasons.

Cressi Ultra Stretch Socks 2.5mm   XXL
The Ultra Stretch Socks are a must have for all spearfishers, freedivers, scuba divers and snorkelers. Neoprene socks are fantastic at providing extra contact between your foot and your fin which increases power transfer. They are also great as reducing the friction of fin so that they can be worn for longer periods of time without causing blisters.

The 2.5mm neoprene is the perfect thickness, just like Goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold. It is super soft and stretchy.
The bottom of the sock is textured with a reinforced print to help with durability and non slip.
The best part of the sock is that it also comes with an open cell top to stop water from filling them up while you are diving. It makes them so comfortable to wear and is a serious game changer!

The only downside is that you cannot walk around on boats or rough surfaces with them on as it will wear through the sole quickly, but that is the same with any neoprene sock anyway.

Browse our range of socks here, or if you need some new fins have a look at our gorgeous freediving fins.

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