Wetsuit Review No 1- The New Cressi Lampuga for Spearfishing

Cressi’s No 1 for Spearfishing –
The Lampuga Wetsuit

Have you
ever seen a school of Lampuga’s in the water? Yes? Or could it have been your
Spearfishing buddy who has discovered the latest BRAND NEW Cryptic Camouflage
Technology? Being invisible in water makes or breaks your success as a stealth
spearfisher, and the Cressi Lampuga Spearfishing Wetsuit does exactly that!

Cryptic Camouflage Technology

The Cressi Lampuga Wetsuit is a premium wetsuit on all levels, but the Cryptic Camouflage technology feature is one of Cressi’s latest innovations to keep its products at the top of their league. How does Cryptic Camouflage Technology work? Cressi uses real pictures of Lampugas, also known known as Dolphinfish or Mahi Mahis, extracts the colors and their sequence to recreate a repetitive pattern with an exclusive unsurpassed camouflage effect. Digital printing of the high-resolution pictures onto the suit covered with 100% Ultraspan Lining results in effectively breaking up your silhouette in the water.  Wear a Lampuga Wetsuit, and you will look like a school of Lampugas (watch your Spearfishing buddies, they might be fooled, who knows).

Its all about creatures comforts!

And there is more! This two-piece wetsuit is extremely well made and super comfortable. Why is that? 

Hyper stretch anatomic pattern

Super-stretch SHEICO neoprene is combined with Cressis innovative way of arranging neoprene cuts into an anatomic pattern. One large piece across the back and rhomboidal cuts under the arms make it very flexible for arm movement, which is important when spearfishing. The anatomic pattern and bib-less pants (higher at the back than at the front) optimize chest extension to allow for a big breath in when you see some big guys going past! 

Smooth on all levels

Being 100 % microporous inside, this wetsuit will give you warmth in deeper seas and offer your skin a smooth, less abrasive feel. The seamless chin area reduces chaffing of sensitive skin against the hood.

Warm and cosy

The Lampuga wetsuit sports awesome thermal insulation and watertight seals: Cressi’s superior Aquastop system prevents flushing of the suit with cold water, particularly around the belly and back area where we are most sensitive. Edges on ankles, hands and hood have folded neoprene finishings. 

A friend for life?

While the Lampuga wetuit is an investment for some, the suit is built for longevity. High-stress areas, like the entire bottom seam of the jacket, are reinforced, and semi-flexible support pads made from Tatex© on knees and chest make sure abrasion will not reduce the life of your Lampuga wetsuit. Talking about reinforcement, this is another great feature for spearos: The chest pad is made of two separate elements that will assist with loading and reloading the gun. Apart from protecting your wetsuit from wearing out, the top pad disperses the impact of the gun on your chest, and the ribbed bottom pad acts an impact stabiliser for the gun.

Don’t miss out!

Like the sound of this? We think this is one of Cressi’s best wetsuits ever, and it will flatter everyone who wears it! 

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